Tailor Made Vacations

Tailor-Made Luxury Peru and Bolivia tours with luxurious camping Inca Trail Tours and super luxury lodges in prime viewing locations. We offer a wide variety of Private Luxury Tours including Glamping Inca Trail tours and private Guided tour on the Uyuni Salt Flats; fly over Choquequirao tours and beach holidays. With the best hotels available, contact us to arrange the definitive Peru or Bolivia Luxury Vacation.

The most perfect and glamorous adventure to uncover Peru
The most  unique journey that mixture perfectly the Peruvian culture and wildlife
We have crafted an express but comfortable journey that will ensure that you witness fantastic landscapes and breathtaking views 
Uncover Peru in the most complete and comfortable experience.
Marvel visiting Peru in the most glamourous and perfect escapade
Enjoy Peru and the most glamourous way in a perfect 7 days getaway.